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Optimise further your regional field sales analytics and POS coverage by adding gamification and population insights

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MyNextPOS helps you optimize your POS network by recommending where to add new POS and focus your resources on. The tool allows you to grasp your POS performance in detail, get the ideal number of outlets for each site and take targeted action at each point of sale.


Population insights

Thanks to precise data on demographics, detect the sites where your teams should act. Launch aggressive marketing campaigns to increase the revenue where there is high customer penetration but low traffic. Or focus on acquisition when we detect high-value customers but low penetration. Invest in data promos where you have low data traffic but a significant number of 3G/4G handsets.

gamification-field- agents-badges-and-scoreboard


Motivate your field agents to achieve their goals via gamification. Engaged users create more value. That’s why we focus on boosting field agents’ usage by sending personalized messages. 
Add a supervisors’ scoreboard so their ranking depends on their own agents’ ranking.

gamification-field- agents-badges-and-scoreboard

Discover how Riaktr can boost your sales performance

  • Track all your metrics in one place
  • Get visibility on your field agents in real time
  • Identify the Points of Sales at risk of stock-out
  • Measure the impact of your action plans
  • Integrate with your own data sources (ERP, transactions, CDRs etc.)