POS Site Selection

Capture the full potential value of POS density 

Is MyNextPOS right for you?


  • You recruit your POS based on business rules, e.g. 100 subs for 1 POS in an urban area.
  • You spend a lot of time focusing on Active and Dormant POS without seeing results on your revenue
  • You don’t know which POS are profitable or not to avoid churn

Optimize profit and growth by knowing exactly where to set up your next POS

Act on your POS density

With its intuitive and user-friendly visualization, MyNextPOS shows you where to recruit your next POS. It helps you understand the right amount of POS needed in each site or area and only focus on the sites where the optimal density is not yet reached.

Grasp your POS performance in details

Visualize your POS performance based on your internal database as well as external data sources. MyNextPOS provides additional information about your areas (population, wealth, Points of Interest) and smart KPIs such as POS penetration over the population or POS profitability.

Get POS recommendations

Add new POS (EVD or Mobile Money) at strategic places with our targeted recommendations & receive flags for crowded areas so you don’t focus on inactivity POS in these zones.

MyNextPOS prioritizes the next best POS by forecasting their value


Your data (recharges, SIM, MoMo transactions, CDRs…) is combined with open-source data to give every existing POS and site a profile (e.g. site data usage, wealth, index…)

Look-alike modeling

By using different algorithms, existing sites are clustered together in group (e.g. DBScan, K-means Clustering, …) to detect similar profiles.

Candidate scoring

MyNextPOS then forecasts the value of every site and POS. The forecasted value is used to score and prioritize the next best POS

Tackle financial opportunities with MyNextPOS 

Prevent POS churn with 
profitable POS
Avoid spending resources on 
inactive POS in crowded areas
Increase your revenue by having
the right POS at the right place 

Discover how MyNextPOS optimise your POS

  • Include external data sources (population, relative wealth index, etc.)
  • Add new POS at strategic places to upscale capacity and/or cover new subscribers
  • Receive flags for crowded areas where there is no need to focus on inactivity POS