Transforming a world of data
into actionable insights


Smart S&D

Optimise your distribution management and track the efficiency of your sales reps

Our Sales & Distribution software allows you to explore your commercial performance in one centralised tool, prioritise your field visits easily and increase your salesforce’s productivity

Increase in POS revenue



Capture the full potential value of POS density

MyNext POS allows you to act on your POS density, visualize your POS performance and get targeted recommendations on where exactly to set up your next POS

Increase in POS revenue



Smart CapEx

Optimise your network CapEx envelope and track your performance

Smart CapEx allows you to define investment candidates, evaluate their potential, iterate rapidly over investment scenarios and continuously monitor the results of the investment plan while involving all the key stakeholders in the investment process.

 CapEx efficiency gains


Why should you choose Riaktr?


Our solutions are embedded in your team's day-to-day work

At Riaktr, we believe that everyone, from the operations teams to the CEO, should have access to their own insights so that they can all make better and quicker decisions. That’s why we always start from the users and their specific needs before building or implementing a solution.

We bring you the most advanced data analytics practices

Industries such as telecommunications, FMCG, or media companies collect lots of data. However, they usually have a hard time extracting their real value. Since 2009, Riaktr has developed unrivalled expertise in big data and artificial intelligence but also in specific use cases such as efficient field sales operations, optimised network CapEx deployment, radical personalisation, etc.


We constantly talk with our users, even after the implementation

We act like partners and support the business teams in using our solutions. A dedicated Customer Success Manager is in constant contact with the technical and business teams, organising regular training sessions and answering specific questions around tools or usage. That’s why we have a legacy of long-lasting relationships with our clients and love it when they call us ‘friends’.

Discover how Riaktr can help you empower your teams with location analytics