Telecom Sales & Distribution

Optimise your indirect distribution management and

increase your recharges by 7% 

Improve your regional field commercial operations 

Explore your telecom commercial performance in one centralised tool

Promote coordinated strategies by aligning your teams and different channels around the same metrics of recharges, mobile money, marketing, network etc. With precisely localised insights by network site and Point of Sale, you will understand exactly where you need to focus your efforts.


Prioritise your actions and track their impact

Field sales management software

Build comprehensive action plans to reach your targets in sales, marketing and, Mobile Money. These are automatically updated and easily shared, to allow you to act immediately in case of deviation. Our action plans also determine which stores and network sites to prioritise visiting based on identified issues and opportunities.

Empower your field agents 

Improve the efficiency of your field agents, even when they are offline, thanks to our Salesforce Automation Tool (SFA) called “Globe Trotter”. Your field team receives their planned visits with all the information required about each Point of Sale. Supervisors can track their execution in real time and analyse the collected field data.

increase your sales reps productivity

Ensure your shops have enough stock

distribution management system

Work hand-in-hand with your distributors and get real-time alerts on your shops’ stock. Act immediately to avoid any stock-out for both your recharges and mobile money.

Boosting commercial opportunities in Sales & Distribution 


productivity for the
field teams


increase in
monthly recharges



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point of sale activity



productivité pour les équipes sur le terrain



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A unique solution to meet all the needs of your commercial team


Sales managers

  • Track sales KPIs down to sites and stores
  • Prioritise teams’ visits using targeted recommendations
  • Manage distributor performance

Field reps

  • Get insights on your shops’ issues
  • Understand which POS need to be visited first
  • Collect data from the field and share easily


  • Ensure sufficient stock in your territory
  • Track which POS are at risk of a stock-out
  • Get alerts on your phone when POS are out-of-stock

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