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November 2019

By Tem Bertels from Smart Capex


“Analytics is a big deal in business more than ever so it’s not just R&D anymore. Research has estimated that the value of AI by 2020 will be worth over one trillion dollars” -Tem Bertels



At Riaktr, we build software that generates smart recommendations for operational teams based on data. Our tools translate masses of data into trustworthy insights and actionable recommendations that unlock unprecedented growth of people and their organizations.

At the last diSummit, in June 2019, I had the opportunity to present one of the key insights we’ve learned about using AI to solve the business problems our clients encounter: there isn’t much value in doing AI just for the sake of AI.

Indeed, it’s crucial to make sure that doing AI and applying analytic methods benefit your stakeholders (which, in our case, are the users of our software products).

To ensure we do this at Riaktr, we always start by clearly describing the context we’re working in and naming the business problem we want to solve, as well as the final goal we want to reach to achieve our client’s satisfaction. Then, we define the process to follow and the data needed for our analyses. And finally, the insights we collect are packaged into a solution that makes sense for our users and helps them in their day-to-day work.

How to embed AI in your team’s operations

In the presentation, I go through those steps using three concrete examples from projects we did at our clients and conclude by giving tips to ensure your users benefit from the new intelligence you’ve introduced:

  • Make sure you prepare your users for the fact that the results of the exercise might be unexpected;
  • Try to avoid a “black box” effect by adapting your communication and documentation to the level needed by your different users (ex. technical, detailed process information for the technical stakeholders versus more high level, result-oriented documentation for the business stakeholders);
  • Embed the analytics and AI in a larger software product to ensure maximum value for your users.

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About the author


Tem Bertels is the product manager for Smart Capex

Tem Bertels

Product Manager for Smart Capex