To increase sales performance, you need real-time, specific insights

Telecommunications providers are no strangers to the value of data analytics. In fact, many of them have been using some form of business intelligence for years – whether it’s basic reporting functions run against vast data warehouses or more specialised analytics tools applied to a specific subset of that data. But in this era of big data, business intelligence-as-usual isn’t enough to secure a competitive advantage for telco operators in Latin America.

By digging deeper into more of their data, they can discover new ways to out-think, out-serve, and out-smart the competition.

Access data from your distributors

The ability to access distributors’ data, standardise it, and centralise it, provides analytics that offer invaluable new insights into sales operations, and exploit opportunities for business growth.

Across Latin America, mobile network operators face a major challenge when it comes to gaining access to their distribution data, even though increasing the performance for any indirect channel begins with the valuable information that distributors have on their points of sale.

To address this issue, Riaktr has developed a specific system that makes it easy for distributors to share their data through a standard API; in return, distributors that send telecom operators high- quality data on their points of sale receive discounts as an incentive. To be considered “high quality”, the data must be sent through the standard API in the operator’s own format and systems.

The discount allows the distributors to make the needed investments to upgrade their systems and share their data with the operator in near real-time.

By giving distributors access to the solution itself, telco operators give them visibility and ownership of their data so they can in turn ensure their network is up and running and that they supply each POS with the right products.

Optimise your daily sales

Gaining access to distributors’ data is a competitive advantage for any telecom operator. It allows the company to continuously optimise daily sales operations through the use of analytics.

Riaktr’s Smart Sales & Distribution (S&D) solution offers maximum visibility across geographies – from the national level down to individual point of sale (POS). It provides visibility into the reach of each distributor, and into each distributor’s POS and their locations. Their smart recommendations outline specific actions to be taken by each user, and specific recommendations to improve performance. An example is understanding which zone or area performs poorly and requires more attention while having the ability to direct distributors to specific POS. With S&D, everyone, from executive managers to field agents, is able to be in the right place, with the right product, at the right time.

As a large operator in Latin America has reported: “Before having Smart S&D, we were receiving data from the distributors in all different formats to try to gain visibility into their operations. This was very costly and not efficient enough to provide broad visibility across the country. Since we started using Riaktr’s tool, we managed to centralise all the distributors’ data and get the right operational analytics. Today, we simply cannot run daily operations without it.”

For telecommunications companies, the customer is everything, and competition for those customers is fierce. Sales & Distribution analytics can help telco organisations to increase sales, reduce churn and fraud, improve risk management, and decrease operational costs. This is achieved through improved visibility into core operations, internal processes, and market conditions. Finally, automated recommendation also frees up sales teams to focus their time and effort on other, more critical tasks.

About Riaktr

Riaktr is an expert in analytic solutions for telecom operators. We believe in the power of data to support digitization and agility. We make intuitive analytic applications that allow telecom teams to work easier, smarter, and more efficiently. We focus on two of the biggest challenges every MNO and MVNO face: optimizing investment decisions and optimizing sales resources to increase sales. 

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Carlos Betancourt
LATAM distribution expert and project manager, Riaktr