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Managing indirect sales is a time-consuming and complex process. Poor visibility at point of sale level translates into blind and slow decision processes. Sales and distribution frees allows you to quickly visualize your performance at POS level, to diagnose, prioritize and act accordingly. Team tasks are automated and action-oriented.


Common sales, marketing and resource planning tools are independent from each other and run on their own datasets. By design, indirect sales add even more complexity, making business intelligence harder to implement. Sales and distribution connects to any sales software architecture and integrates all the required data sources to make the best decisions possible.


Sales and distribution is not yet another reporting tool or field execution application. It translates the data into concrete high impact actions for the field team, so they always know what activity to perform to capture the most value. The tool will also consistently measure and report on the actual impact generated.


Grow your sales & optimize
your distribution costs


Optimize network
CAPEX investments


Custom data and
analytics solutions

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