Dalberg Data Insights to help bridge the data gaps in global development

A lack of robust data is often a critical barrier to crafting evidence-based policy, directing resources effectively and designing programs to tackle important development challenges. The newly launched Dalberg Data Insights brings together two experienced organizations – Data-for-Good of Riaktr and the Dalberg Group – to help address this data gap and leverage data for social good.

Dalberg Data Insights combines the analytical power of the team behind Data-for-Good of Riaktr with the vast global development experience of Dalberg – a group of impact-driven businesses. By unlocking rich data sources from private companies such as mobile phone operators and creating specialized analytics, Dalberg Data Insights allows organizations to better target, implement, and evaluate their programs and initiatives. Dalberg Data Insights will expand the team’s work combining state-of-the-art analytics and an outstanding track record in collaborating with large donor organizations.

“Over the past 7 years, we have built strong partnerships which provide us with access to huge real time data sets, and developed specialized analytical tools to accelerate the impact of development organizations across the globe. We look forward to expanding our reach as part of the Dalberg family,” said Alexis Eggermont, co-Managing Partner of Dalberg Data Insights.

Frederic Pivetta, co-Managing Partner of Dalberg Data Insights adds: “We are delighted to join forces with Dalberg. We will maintain our unique approach to creating social impact, while leveraging Dalberg’s extensive expertise and networks to explore new sectors, new big data sources and expand our global reach, while keeping a strong technology edge.”

From gender inequalities to population growth, there are striking data gaps in nearly every aspect of global development. More reliable data, and tools that allow us to make evidence-based decisions, are essential to building a more sustainable and inclusive world. Sebastien Deletaille,  former Riaktr’s CEO , says that: “As tech entrepreneurs, we see immense potential in achieving SDGs with mobile phone data. The spin-off of our Data-for-Good department and the merge with a global player like Dalberg group just show how promising the field is. By uniting the leading development consultancy with the leading data for good innovator, the ambition is to show a new way of applying the digital revolution to better societies. ”

About Dalberg Data Insights

Dalberg Data Insights creates tools to interpret data and unlock solutions in international development, humanitarian action and social impact. Learn more at: www.dalbergdatainsights.com

About Riaktr

Real Impact Analytics captures the value in telecom data by “appifying big data”. Through apps, we break tech silos and bring the data directly into the hands of operational teams. Our apps give users instant access to the insights they need, trigger the most impactful actions and track the results of the decisions made. We help sales and distribution teams drive sales, decrease OPEX through better distributor and point of sale management. We also help network CAPEX teams optimize their CAPEX investments. We work with five of the ten biggest global telecom operators.