Today we announced that we raised €12 million with the best investors we could dream of. Up until this stage of our growth, we remained self-funded. So, needless to say, it’s a big milestone for us. If you consider what we’ve achieved on our own, imagine what we can do by onboarding investors with a wide network and deep industry experience. Considering this turning point, we want to share the reasons for this first round of funding and our vision of big data.

Big data is one of the most popular buzzwords and all business executives know it will transform the way they work. However, the same executives are also realizing the massive investments they’ve made in big data with large IT vendors are not paying off. Why? Most of them have focused on technology rather than making it accessible to their teams. And as founders of a data company, we are tired of seeing analytics only benefitting a few privileged experts.

That’s why we make it our mission to ease our clients’ lives by embedding big data apps in their day-to-day jobs. Over the last few years, we have created an approach that not only focuses on the latest technologies but also the people that use them. It is focused on apps which not only collect, transform and enrich the data but also reach the last and most difficult mile of the analytics value chain: the teams and their daily tasks.

Imagine your alarm clock rings at 7am. You wake up and turn on your phone. An app pops up and is already recommending the best actions to focus on the most impactful initiatives. This is what we mean when we say we want to embed big data apps in people’s day-to-day work. And that’s why we developed an app for each task, each one making you better at what you do and supporting all your decisions with facts.

Our mission led us to work with five of the top ten telcos across the globe and open five offices in four different continents. As founders, we knew we couldn’t do it alone so we grew the team from two to 120+ in six years and made sure every team member is smarter than we are. We believe our discerning hiring practices have helped take us this far on our unique journey.

Despite our success and growth, we also faced tough times along the way. Yet, we always stuck together because we knew we were on to something big, much bigger than us. We are changing the approach towards big data in the telecom industry, trying to make a difference in every telecom employee’s life. This is what keeps us going.

Today, with this ideal investor consortium, we have the resources needed to fulfill our mission. We have the funds to fuel our innovation and we have access to more expertise and a larger network to boost our growth. We want to keep on shaping the telecom big data industry and hustling the established giants in order to make a difference in every telecom employee’s day-to-day work. What’s more, our roadmap is full of exciting new apps. We also started our expansion into Asia from our Kuala Lumpur office.

One more thing: it’s just the beginning!

Sébastien Deletaille and Loïc Jacobs

Riaktr has 10 years of experience in developing and implementing software for telecoms


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