On April 21st, at the TedxUCLouvain event, Gautier Krings, Chief Data Scientist at Riaktr, explores how telecom data can radically change the way development aid works. The event was themed around YouTOPIA and sharing visions for tomorrow – what an ideal world would look like.

The video explores how telecom data is used to improve living conditions in developing countries. While subscribers are spending on average ninety minutes per day on their phones, every call, text, internet connection leaves a digital trace. Therefore, for the first time, aid workers have access to unbiased and real-time information to make social development decisions. “With the help of telecom data, development workers fighting poverty or combating diseases will become as efficient as our businesses” Gautier Krings, Chief Data Scientist at Riaktr. Watch the video to learn more.


About Gautier Krings


Gautier is Chief Data Scientist at Riaktr, where he leads the research and innovation agenda. Real Impact Analytics is a Belgian startup developing analytical solutions for telecom operators, with a strong focus on emerging markets. Prior to joining Riaktr, Gautier was a researcher at Catholic University of Louvain (UCL) and MIT. He holds a PhD from UCL in Applied Mathematics, and is an invited lecturer in its School of Engineering, where he teaches Data Science.


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