Our story

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From Excel to custom solutions

Our journey started by building Xcelcius dashboards, while supporting our clients with business recommendations and offering high quality consulting services. We had amazing traction on the African continent and the business kept on growing. Our name- Real Impact Analytics- best summarized the value we were bringing.

We decided to gear up with powerful tools that would give our clients visibility on their revenues, subscribers and market share. Realizing that using SQL and Tableau Software only meant a slow deployment, we developed a Python orchestration on top of Anatella (ETL) to feed data to our easy-to-use dashboards.

Onboarding new colleagues was very simple, they didn’t need any technical skills to start working on the solutions. On top of the software, we helped our clients navigate the change management. This meant new processes and ways of working, enabling our clients to break silos and work more effectively

There were quite a few adventures! Our teams travelled the world from Africa where they accomplished over 40 successful implementations to Afghanistan where they built a custom app to measure the impact taliban attacks on cell towers.

More software engineers joined our team and built a bundled software stack that could be installed in one go, all dependencies integrated. We developed a telco specific data model, which could be connected to industry standard sources and enabled the deployment of the same apps, reports and KPIs. This came with a new app development and release process, improving the deployment time. Our engineers reviewed and chose the best-fit technologies, we ended up using NodeJS, AngularJS, Scala, Airflow and Docker, amongst others. Changing from a service-oriented approach to building more standardized software also meant a change of brand and name to Riaktr, which reflects our new company reality.

The platform

With the same goal of continuous improvement and delivering value fast, we aimed for simplification and ensured sustainable growth for our products. The tools we built and deployed were not designed as software, but as integration processes. Every implementation was different and required a lot of maintenance and support. Moreover, we wanted to stop using third party licences which were adding complexity when upgrades were needed. 


Standardized software products

By working closely with telecom operators over the past 10 years, in both emerging and mature markets, we gathered a large amount of feedback and learning points which have been integrated in the current products, S&D and Smart CaPex.
The products are designed to fill the needs in both emerging markets (prepaid, mobile money, market share…) and mature markets (fiber and 5G). We optimize the operational and strategic processes for telecom operators, with a focus on sales, distribution and network infrastructure. We are continuously increasing the robustness of the tools and improving the user experience.

smart capex our story

And yes, the team is still going on adventures and exploring the world! Our engineering explores and plays with open source technologies, while building cutting-edge solutions to benefit our clients. The deployment team is travelling the world and are active partners for our clients in the field, from Africa to Latin America, Asia, and Europe.

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  • Get visibility on your field agents in real time
  • Identify the Points of Sales at risk of stock-out
  • Empower your field reps with the right insights
  • Measure the impact of your action plans
  • Integrate with your own data sources (ERP, transactions, CDRs etc.)
  • Automate tasks and eliminate hours of manual work